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Accelerating spatial
digitization through
technological innovations

Customised Application Development, AI & ML based
Solution Platforms

Transforming industries
with geospatial

Map Enrichment, POI Tagging, 360 Degree Walkthrough
Utility & Telecom Network Modelling, Data Engineering

Pioneering geospatial and
engineering solutions
across diverse industries

Transportation, Navigation, Mapping, Utilities, Telecom, Governments, Smart
cities, E-Mobility, Construction and Infrastructure

Data-Driven Geospatial Excellence: Crafting Intelligent Assets for the Future

Driven by a legacy of operational excellence and decades of unrivalled expertise, Azure Clouds is one of the fastest-growing GIS firms in India, we have spearheaded commendable transformative initiatives in just two years of our inception.

Our ground-breaking proficiency in VR, AI, and ML solutions sets us apart from traditional partners in the GIS and data engineering sector. Our specialized teams have executed large-scale GIS projects worldwide by modulating and moulding data into usable data using expert data engineering, and we bring this vast experience, along with scalable service delivery systems, to the table.

Azure Clouds Aim To Be Your Irreplaceable GIS Services Partner

Aligned with two of the world’s largest mapping platforms, we have solidified our position as a pioneering force in the GIS domain. Moreover, our strategic collaboration with one of India’s largest private utilities services providers has further cemented our reputation as industry leaders. In an exceptional display of agility, we have also partnered with two state governments, extending our services across 40+ districts within a remarkable two-year span since we began.

Achieving strategic synergy through innovative capabilities

Mastering diverse verticals, Azure Clouds excels in data engineering across telecommunications, electricity, water, and gas networks. Our expertise enables efficient data capture, processing, and analysis, optimizing network efficiency and resource allocation for enhanced service delivery.

Services We Offer

Spatial data engineering

Where maps come alive, networks thrive, and data flows seamlessly, driving smarter decisions for a connected world.


Embark on a cartographic journey through cutting-edge realms, from urban 3D modelling to captivating aerial surveys. Unveil the world with innovative mapping prowess!


Undertake a surveying journey, where technology meets precision, to capture data, map landscapes, and uncover possibilities with a touch of AI-powered ingenuity.

Our Core Industries
Of Focus

Tailored Data Curation &
Insightful Visualization

Involve stake holders during early stages of project design for feedbacks and avoid uncertainties while minimizing risk and business disruption
Azure Clouds ensures accurate mapping and minimal overlap of structures through proper allocation, validation, and adherence to rules.
We manage transactions, operations, and execute tasks to meet delivery requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.
We compile, compute, and structure data according to client systems and formats, while also providing business intelligence visualization and management information systems for all levels of the client hierarchy.

Building Trust With Excellence
& Achievement

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